Creating the Ideal Customer Experience

I know the age old credo, “Customers come first,” has been tossed around for quite some time with all sorts of varying degrees of heart and truth behind it. For me it’s a non-negotiable. Not only for my business, but also for my internal driving force that gets me out of bed in the morning every. single. day.

In this post I share a few heartfelt tips on how I think the ideal client experience gets created. I hope you find them useful whether it is for your own business, or if you are a potential client seeking to understand who I am and how I operate!

Serving From Heart to Hand
I can’t understate the power of authenticity, and I have personally found that living from a place where I am genuine is synonymous with being of service in the world. I love to relate to people, to connect with people, and to work from a place of sharing my talents with people. I truly think that is what it is all about!

Here’s a little secret I’ve learned along the journey. Giving just a little bit extra goes a long way! The funny thing is that when I share this with people they occasionally think it is a technique to get more in return for themselves in the long run. While that might happen sometimes, it’s actually about how happy I feel at the end of the day knowing that the clients I work with get the top value I can offer them, AND they feel good about their decision to work with me.

Loving What You Do
People often ask me if I like to clean and I always answer with a resounding YES! I love creating organization out of chaos, and the quick satisfaction that comes from a room perfectly cleaned. My favorite room of the house to tackle is the bathroom. I get excited to see how quickly the space transforms! I think this excitement translates through my work and I find my clients appreciate my enthusiasm.

In short, creating the Ideal Customer Experience means coming from a place of joy and love for what you do and who you work with. It’s a facade free way of living and I am grateful every day I get to do what I love!