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A Boutique Team of Cleaning Experts Serving Portland Metro
and Central Oregon

Helping to Create Peace of

Mind and Serene Living

is what We're Here to Do

Our Philosophy

Delivering exceptional service to our clients while operating with extremely high levels of integrity, attention to detail, and passion for what we do.

When our clients are happy, we’re happy.

Meet the Owner

Emmy’s love of order, cleanliness, and connecting with people led her to create Em-Maculate Cleaning Services. Emmy thrives by bringing serenity and joy to her clients all over the magical city of Portland and the majestic high desert of Bend and Central Oregon. She never tires of the passion she feels for making things sparkle!

When she is not running her team and making things flawlessly clean, Emmy enjoys living a peaceful life with close friends, family, and her adorable mini schnauzer, Benny (also known as the office manager). She’s a music passionista and also loves dining with great people and is always taking the time to make her space a sanctuary.

Meet our Extraordinary Team

Creating Peace of Mind in The Portland Metro Area and Central Oregon

Em-Maculate Cleaning Expert

Jordan's greatest strength is her attention to detail, and she wants her clients homes to sparkle and will do whatever it takes to make that happen. She comes up with unique solutions to fixing things and always strives for places to be orderly, clean, comfortable and homey.

Em-Maculate Cleaning Expert/Trainer

Callie’s favorite part of the job is being able to feel like she’s really helping people. Callie loves walking into a house and chatting with the client about their specific needs, what they really need help with, and what they need to thrive. She feels so accomplished walking out of a house knowing that she helped someone lift a weight off of their shoulders. Everyone deserves peace and serenity in this chaotic world.

Em-Maculate Cleaning Team Manager

Mariya basks In this fulfilling endeavor! Taking the reins in our Portland location, she really loves supporting our team and clients in their day to day needs. What truly warms her heart is witnessing the smiles that light up our clients' faces. It's an absolute delight to see the relief and happiness they experience when they step into a freshly cleaned home. Life's demands can often weigh us down, and she understand the profound impact a pristine environment can have on one's well-being. She's devoted to sharing that sense of relief and joy with every home we touch.

Em-Maculate Cleaning Expert

Sydney is a dedicated cleaning enthusiast who found their true calling with Emmy in July 2023. From transforming messy spaces into sparkling havens, her journey has been nothing short of rewarding. There's nothing quite like witnessing the sheer happiness radiating from clients' faces when they step into their impeccably cleaned homes. Sydney thrives on the joy of building genuine connections with her clients!

Em-Maculate Cleaning Expert

Hailey brings a youthful spirit and a passion for creating clean and serene sanctuaries to Em-Maculate Cleaning Her favorite aspect of the job is the personal connection she forms with clients, coupled with the rewarding feeling of transforming spaces into havens of cleanliness and tranquility. Outside the realm of cleaning, Hailey's life is colored by a love for animals! What sets Hailey apart is her profound sense of integrity. Her commitment to being the best version of herself resonates in her work. Hailey finds solace in what she fondly refers to as her "enrichment enclosure." Whether engrossed in a book, crafting, baking, or pursuing other solitary activities, Hailey recognizes the healing power of solitude. With her position at Em-Maculate, Hailey aspires to extend this sense of healing to others, creating spaces where tranquility and cleanliness go hand in hand.

Angel ,
Em-Maculate Cleaning Expert

Angel finds immense satisfaction in bringing peace to homes and families. It's a gratifying journey that aligns with his values, especially the importance of living authentically. At home, He shares his space with his girlfriend, an American Pitbull named Harley and a tuxedo cat named Duck. They add warmth and joy to my life, creating a balanced and welcoming environment. Angel strives to bring sincerity into every aspect of his life, both personal and professional. Outside of work, he’s passionate about bouldering, finding both challenge and serenity in the sport. Additionally, I express my artistic side, adding another layer of creativity to my life.

Em-Maculate Cleaning Expert

With a passion for brightening lives, Sarah finds joy in the ability to transform homes, thanks to an exceptional team at Em-Maculate. Sarah’s favorite part – the power to elevate spaces and bring smiles to people's faces. Sarah’s reliability and a relentless commitment to finding solutions and getting the job done, regardless of the challenge, is a complete standout to ensuring her clients are completely satisfied! Beyond the cleaning realm, Sarah is a proud pet parent to Daisy the Golden Retriever, Perseus the American Bulldog, Oscar the Snowshoe Siamese, and Isaac the Siberian. Sarah also embraces life with a love for outdoor adventures, exploring local hiking trails, and indulging in the hobby of rockhounding.

Em-Maculate Cleaning Expert

New Team Member Coming Soon!

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