When You Only Have Thirty Minutes

Eeeeekkk! You know the feeling…ten things to check off your list and there’s only time for about two of them! I have been there myself and am here to share some secrets to alleviate the time crunch when it comes to cleaning to-do’s.

If you only have thirty minutes here’s what you do:

  1. First and foremost, text me! I’m not kidding! This is a critical action step! Shoot me a quick text: 503-752-1886 and have me get you on the books. Now breathe. I got you.

  2. Do the dishes. I know, it’s not glamorous. It’ll make your future self smile though! I’m also willing to bet that your day will start off on the right foot when you wake up and walk into your kitchen tomorrow morning. PRO TIP: A good pair of rubber gloves can take the procrastination out of doing the dishes.

  3. Make your bed. This alone will drastically change the feel of any bedroom and get the momentum of progress on your side.

  4. Wipe down your countertops. Ok, I am being a little sneaky here. By wiping the countertops I suspect you are naturally going to be decluttering them as well. Consider this tip a twofer and see how quickly you can get the job done!

  5. Run the vacuum in your entryway. I’m a big advocate of feeling a sense of relief when you walk into your home, and feeling proud and hospitable when you greet family and friends at your door. Taking a few minutes to tidy up the threshold of your space will make a big difference.

Bottom line, try not to stress it. I believe the last thing any of us needs is pressure in our lives. Give these tips a try and turn thirty minutes into a power half hour. Then circle the date when I come to clean on your calendar and kick back and do what brings you joy!