“Your Home Has Such Great Energy!”

4 Easy Tips for Creating Great Energy in Your Space

What’s better than feeling relaxed, happy, and at ease in your home? In my opinion, it’s when someone else notices and enjoys the good feels too! One of the best compliments I hear is, “Your home has such great energy!”.

To me the home is a sanctuary. It is a place to seek refuge and refuel so that I can get ready to go have more fun and be of more service out in the world.

For a long time I thought tending to the energy in my home was something I was not equipped to do. Working in the cleaning industry has definitely proved that story wrong! Over the years, I have found that it is something that literally anyone can do. It might take a little bit of setting your mind to it, but trust me, you’ll take to it quickly!

In this post I describe how to clean out and nurture the energy in your home, without overthinking it.

Check out these four easy tips:

Set the Intention
Intention is truly everything! Before you embark on cleaning the energy in your home, think about what you’d like the end results to be. Be mindful of what you are desiring to create and speak it out loud in the present tense, “My home is a calm, peaceful place where people love to gather,” or, “My home is filled with positive energy and creative inspiration,” or, “My space is full of abundance and receptivity where customers love to frequent.” Do you get the idea? It’s a fun practice once you get used to it!

I recommend keeping your intention in mind and even saying it out loud a few times while you incorporate the tips mentioned below. Where your attention goes your energy flows!

Use Sound
Listening to music while you clean isn’t just for entertainment value. Sound of any kind is a marvelous way to lighten the vibe of your home by shifting stagnant energy. Have fun with it! Walking around letting wind chimes clamor or playing an instrument or singing will do the trick as well.

Air the Space Out
Opening up windows and doors can be very helpful as airflow helps stuck energy to move. Even if it’s chilly I’ll turn off the heat in the middle of winter and air my home out. It’s a very quick way to refresh your space!

Light Candles, Sage, or Incense
You are welcome to get as witchy (or not!) as you want here. Lighting something that makes your house smell divine is a wonderful way to finish up with your energy cleaning.

Kick your feet up, sit back, and enjoy what you’ve created.